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Ticketing & Stripe: Fees Structure

Learn about the complete fees structure that will be applied if you use Brella ticketing

To be covered: 

Fee structure and how to see the fees for your case

All together, the fees are separated in the following categories: 

  1. Stripe regular fees* (depends on the Stripe business location, and the payment method, see more below**) +
  2. Brella application fees* (2% default, can do per event, per org, flat fee, % fee, depends on what you agreed with your Brella account manager) +
  • (Stripe fee) Add-on: Detailed receipts/invoices - 0.4%, 2 USD cap +
  • (Stripe fee) Add-on: Pay by invoice - 0.4%.

* Fees are taken from seller (i.e. the event organizer, not the buyer, i.e. the registrant), but Brella can change it if really needed also.

* Fees are taken from the total price of the product/s purchased. If you have inclusive tax set on, then the fees get applied to the whole purchase sum, including the tax amount; in case if you have the exclusive tax set on, the amount subject to a fee is only the actual ticket price.

** Stripe regular fees are different, depending on: the location of your (i.e. event organizer's) Stripe business account and the payment method used for the purchase. Steps to check the Stripe regular fees applicable for each case:

  1. Go to https://stripe.com/en-fi/pricing,
  2. Change the location of the business (at the bottom of the screen),
  3. See the correct fees for your location (see step-by-step instructions below).

Last updated - February 2024

Written by Nikita Salnikov

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