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Streams: Record/Save Live Streams in Evmux

Learn how to record and save your live stream and videos you stream through the Evmux platform.

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In Evmux you can record and save your live stream and videos you stream through the platform. This way you'll have the access to your videos even after the live broadcast has ended. Learn how you can record your live streams in Evmux. You can record your live streams with just two clicks on Evmux. When you record your videos, you will have access to them even when the live stream and event have ended. How convenient! 

How to record (steps) ➡️

  • Navigate to Evmux's in-built backstage studio
  • Click on Go live 
  • You'll see a pop-up, and there is a blue toggle that you can enable/disable depending on whether you'd like to record the live stream or not

Locate recordings

  • Navigate to the Admin Panel - Streams tab 
  • Click on the Stream which recorded  
  • Navigate to Evmux's in-built studio 
  • Navigate to the Evmux in-built studio Dashboard from the arrow located on the upper right-hand side next to the Evmux logo
  • Navigate to Sessions 

  • Navigate to Recordings 


Last updated - July 2022. 

Written by Natasha Santiago. 


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