Streams: Invite/Add Speakers to a Live Stream in Evmux

Learn how to invite speakers to your live stream in Evmux in-built studio.

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Most of the time you need to have one or more different speakers to your live stream. You have the possibility to have up to 12 speakers on a live stream that is broadcasting through Evmux in Brella. 

How to invite speakers 


  • Navigate to the Dashboard by clicking on the arrow next to the Evmux logo on the right upper hand-side.
  • Navigate to Speakers and click on Add Speaker.
  • Fill in the details of the speaker you want to invite.
  • The speaker will receive an email with the invitation to join your stream as a speaker.

Learn more on how to invite your speakers to join your Evmux stream here.

How to add speakers to your live stream


  • In the Evmux in-built studio click on Add scene 
  • Click on Speakers 
  • Select the number of speakers 
  • Click on Create and the number of speaker profiles you added, will appear
  • The speaker profiles will appear as No Speaker first. Click on the three dots and then click on Replace speaker 


  • Select the speaker you wish to add and click on Replace 
  • Your speakers will appear on the live stream 


Features 🚀

  • You can have up to 12 speakers on your Evmux stream
  • You can create Pro-Scenes on Evmux, where you can present your speakers as you wish on the screen. Learn more here.
  • You can add custom layers for your video such as text, animated caption, media files, slideshow
  • You have the possibility to screen share and add your guests and speakers to the scene
  • If a user is removed from an event or an organization, his access to the Evmux studio is automatically removed

🚀 Evmux is feature flagged; it is only enabled if mentioned in the Brella contract.

Last updated - July 2023.

Written by Rajinda Wijetunge.

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