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Streams: Evmux Features

Learn about Evmux and its features and the requirements for using Evmux in your event.

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Evmux offers multiple helpful features that help create seamless streams for your event on Brella.  Listed below are a few useful features that can make your event more productive through Brella.  

Features of Evmux 


  • 6 hours of continuous streaming time
    Continuous streaming is supported for 6 hours. After which, a new stream can be started. 
  • Pro-scene Builder
    Fully customized scenes can be created ahead of time through an easy drag-and-drop editor. These can be used during broadcasting to have a smooth transition.
  • Push to talk
    With the internal chat, the host can speak to the other guests without the audience knowing. Learn more on Push to talk
  • Multistreaming
     Streaming can be done from up to 5 destinations at the same time
  • HD Video Streaming
    Streaming and recording in high quality are supported
  • Broadcast Recording
    Recording and downloading are easy, and you can access the recording on your Evmux dashboard even after the event.
  • Customizable Branding
    You can create your own unique banners, branded overlays, backgrounds, and logos for your Evmux broadcast. Learn more here
  • Screen share during the broadcast between the host and participants
    The host and the guests can share their screens during the live stream as well
  • If a user is removed from an event or an organization, his access to the Evmux studio is automatically removed
Learn more through the Evmux YouTube channel

Evmux limitations 

  • Only Up to 12 on-screen participants are supported at a time
    You can have up to 12 participants at once in the stream and you can swap guests on and off stage any time 
  • Video annotations or translations are not available
    At the moment, Evmux doesn't support video annotations or translations in any language
  • Multi-camera feed is not supported
    You can only broadcast with one camera at the time 

🚀 Evmux is feature flagged; it is only enabled if mentioned in the Brella contract 

Last updated - July 2023. 

Written by Purnima Jayasuriya. 


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