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Sponsors: Monitor Sponsor Ads

Learn how to monitor and measure the sponsor ads reach in the event

Analytics-wise, you can monitor the display count as well as click count for each sponsor ad. 

  • The display count (People tab) This tells you how many times an attendee refreshed or visited the attendee list page for the first time on the Brella platform. Going to different tabs on the Brella platform in the same event does not count as additional display points and going to the next page of attendees.
  • The click count (People tab) tells you how often your attendees have clicked on the sponsor ad.
  • The display count (Home tab) tells you how many times the home page has been visited and loaded. 
  • The click count (Home tab) tells you how many times the sponsor ad has been clicked on the home page. 

You will also see the display and click counts for the sponsors' ads that you have deleted. You will see the status of the deleted ads below the 'active ads' column. 

Last updated - July 2022. 

Written by Natasha Santiago. 


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