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Matchmaking: Upload Categories

Learn how to upload all matchmaking categories, interests and intents through a .CSV file

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We at Brella understand that event organizers would like to get things set up asap. Uploading the matchmaking categories will indeed save time rather than manually updating each category, interest, and intent through the admin panel. Through a CSV file, you'll be able to organize, order, and upload your categories in less than 5 minutes. 

How to import matchmaking categories (Steps)

Setting up your. CSV file

  1. Open an Excel or download the template of the required .csv file
  2. Update your categories, interests, and intents.  

The first column is for the category.

Each category should be in a row of its own. don't write any interest or intent in the same row. begin one cell down in the next column as shown in the example

Finally, you can add the intents beside each interest.  

The intents currently understood by our matchmaking AI are networking, trading, investing, recruiting, and mentoring.

🔍  Note! Each interest needs at least one intent. We highly recommend including networking in each interest.

Once done, save the file as a CSV or "comma-delimited." Now you are ready to upload your file.

Upload your matchmaking categories

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel.
  2. Click on Matchmaking - Overview - Import.csv

  3. Click or drag the doc to the box, and Brella will upload it automatically.
  4. Once you see the message that the CSV file was uploaded successfully, refresh your page.
  5. You can edit any category, interest, or intent if needed, over the admin panel once the file is uploaded. You do not need to change the file and re-upload it.

Troubleshooting Information

❗Suppose the system doesn't accept your list do check these common issues faced.

  1. Make sure it is a CSV file.
  2. Make sure it doesn't have titles added in the top row (e.g. categories, interests, intents)
  3. Ensure not to have any semicolons. Open the saved CSV file with TextEdit, Notepad, or WordPad (or a similar program) to check if you have them. Replace the semicolons with commas before uploading them to Brella. You can do that by:
    1. Right-click or control-click the file.
    2. You will see a menu pop up.
    3. There you will see the option "Open with"
    4. Open with TextEdit, Notepad, or WordPad (or a similar program).
  • Once the file is open in your text editor of choice, replace all semicolons (;) with commas (,):
    1. Control + H (on PCs) or Command + F (on Macs)
    2. Enter semi-colon ";"
    3. Choose to replace all with a comma ","
  • Save your file, and it's ready to upload!


  1. Matchmaking categories .csv template - download.

Congratulations! Your matchmaking categories are now uploaded to the Admin Panel, and your attendees can begin networking and creating connections. 

Last updated - July 2023. 

Written by Purnima Jayasuriya. 


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