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Matchmaking: Reordering Categories and Interests

Learn how to reorder categories and interests within a category

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You can reorder the list of 'categories and 'interests' within a category that appears on the event matchmaking page when joining an event. As an event admin, you can add this change at any time and there is no limitation. 

How to (Steps)


  1. Navigate to Matchmaking from manager.brella.io
  2. Drag and re-order the categories as you wish in the category column
  3. Once you click a category, you can see the interests related to that category. Drag and re-order the interests as you wish.
  4. Once done, click  'Save changes' to make the changes live on the event front end. 


Good job on successfully reordering matchmaking interests.  We wish you a successful event.


Last updated - January  2024

Written by Purnima Jayasuriya. 



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