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How to embed a Google Drive video, pdf, presentation, image, etc.?

Open the Google Drive file in a new window, choose "More actions", click on "Embed item" and then copy the link shown between the quotation marks within the embed script.

To show a video or other documents through Brella, the file first needs to be uploaded to a cloud storage platform (E.g: Google Drive). After this, the file's embedded link can be copied to Brella's Admin Panel.

This article shows you how to embed any material stored in Google Drive to the Streams tab, Schedule session, or Virtual Booths. The steps are the same for all files.

⚑Note: For the files to show optimally within Brella, it is important to add the file's embedded link into the Admin Panel.


Do not use a direct share link, such as the link shown in your browser's address bar or Google Drive share options.

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How to embed a Google Drive file to Brella:

  1. Upload the file to your Google Drive account. Ensure that the file's share settings are set to Public; otherwise, the file cannot be shown through Brella.


  2. Double click on the file in Google Drive to open it, click on "More actions" in the top right-hand corner (three vertical dots), and choose "Open in a new window."


  3. In the new window, click again on "More actions" in the top right-hand corner (three vertical dots) and choose "Embed item...".

  4. Copy the link from within the embed script, shown between the " " quotation marks. 

  5. Now that you have copied the embed link from your Google Drive file.
  6. Then, go to the Admin Panel:

    πŸ‘‰To add the embed URL to Streams
    Navigate to Stream tab > Create a new Stream and paste the embedded link. Learn how to add this link to Brella step by step.

⚑Note: If you're using the Access Control feature. Remember that any materials or links added as a sidebar in streams will be available ONLY to the groups that have access to it.

πŸ‘‰To add the embed URL to Virtual Booths

Navigate to Sponsors > click Edit Virtual Booth > Copy the embedded link to the Carousel section or Sidebar section.

πŸ‘‰Note! For further advice with third-party tools, we recommend turning to the service provider's Help Desk. 

Last updated on September 2021. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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