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Sponsors: Enable/disable Lead Scanning

Learn how to enable and disable QR lead scanning feature for your sponsors on both Brella's mobile app and sponsor admin panel.

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Lead (QR code) scanning feature is an intuitive and easy way for your sponsors to connect with other users (attendees and sponsors). It empowers them to book a meeting or send the other user a chat message with a single click — no searching / scrolling through the people tab needed! 

When enabling/disabling the lead (QR) scanning feature on manager.brella.io, you would enable sponsors to both scan their leads on mobile app and store their contacts on their Sponsor Admin Panel (sponsor.brella.io). 

Where to find on manager.brella.io 

  • Navigate to manager.brella.io
  • Click on the event 
  • Navigate to the sponsors tab
  • Click on the needed company profile 
  • On the top right corner click on 'Edit Details' button
  • Scroll down to see 'Lead scanning' toggle
  • Enable/disable that feature based on your need
  • Save changes
  • All done! Your given sponsor will have now this feature enabled/disabled! 



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Learn how this will work  

Note: This feature will be available for sponsors only if it is enabled by you. If you do not want certain companies to have access to this on both mobile app and sponsor admin panel, make sure to disable that on manager.brella.io. Thank you! 

Last updated on May 2022. 

Written by Aynur Atayeva. 

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