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Event Onboarding: Open Join Code/Join Link

Learn how to setup and customize the open join code/ join link

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An open join code means that the event joint code remains the same for all event participants. You can create and edit it in the 'Details' tab in the admin panel and customize the URL. 

👉  Note: The invite-only registration method is for you if you want to monitor who joins the event. 

Customize Your Event URL

You can create and customize the join URL for your Brella event by navigating to the Admin Panel and clicking Details to change your join code.




Go to the Join Code category, edit it as you wish, and reflect it at the end of the event's URL.

🔍  Note: Do not change the Join Code after you have launched the event, as the majority of your attendees will not be able to get access to your event anymore.

Share Join Code/link with the Attendees

When your event is set to public and creates an open join link, you can share the same join link and join code with all your attendees.

To send the open join link to your attendees:

  1. Navigate to the "Home" tab, where you can copy both the join code and the join link available.

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  2. Draft your invite email communication to your attendees in your emailing software. You can choose if you would like to share only the join code or the link, or both.

        💡 Tip: Draft your email communication so that it is easy for the attendees to join the Brella platform. One great way to do this is to include the join link as a hyperlink in the email. This way, by clicking the link on the email, they can enter the platform. 

        If your participants are using the web app (recommended for virtual events), advise them to use the join link. On the other hand, if your participants attend the event on the mobile app, advise them to use the join code.

        It is recommended to share the codes atleast seven days before the event, so they have time to sign in and get familiar with the platform in time.

      ☝️  Sending the join link, join code, or both?

      • Event join link: e.g. https://next.brella.io/join/CODE123. When the attendee clicks on the join link, it will direct the attendee to the event page to register by adding an email password and filling in personal details.
      • Event join code: e.g. CODE123, the attendee will first go to https://next.brella.io, and they will have to select a sign-in method to insert email and personal details. Then they have to click Join Event and insert the join code.


      Last updated - July 2023. 

      Written by Rajinda Wijetunge.

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