Event Onboarding: Delete Invites Manually

Learn how to delete an invite or a seat manually

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Sometimes event organizers would require to remove invites permanently from the event. At Brella we have provided two main ways using which an organizer can delete an invitee from the event permanently as well as by deleting the allocated seat. 

How to Remove an Invite from the Event (Steps) 


  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel.
  2. Go to "Invites" from the  "People" Tab.
  3.  Select the invites and select Delete.
    1. If you need to delete only one invite, you can click on Delete. This deletes the invite.

    2. If you need to delete multiple invites, you can tick the boxes on the left side. Next, click on Delete and confirm by clicking Yes. The invites are deleted.

☝️You cannot delete invites that have been used. To delete an invite that has been used, you need first to delete the seat (click on the trash bin icon) and then delete the invite by clicking Delete on the right side. Deleting a used invite will remove the attendee from the event along with any meetings they have booked.

How to Delete a Seat of an Invite (Steps)


  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel, - People - Invites.
  2. Select the invite and click the trash bin icon to remove the seat. (Under the Seat column).
  3. You can also remove seats by editing the invite and reducing the number of seats attributed to that invite. To edit it, click Edit and change the number of seats.
    E.g: Seats = 0/5 to 0/3.

  •  We suggest you delete an invite completely from the event admin panel if you need to remove an unwanted attendee.
  • You cannot recover the data of a deleted attendee. 

Last updated - July 2023. 

Written by Purnima Jayasuriya.


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