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Event Details: Onboarding Modes

Learn how to select the correct onboarding mode for your event

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As the event organizer, you have the option here to select how you would want to onboard the attendees to your event. You can opt-in to make them go through a detailed networking profile setup onboarding process to a simple 2-step fast onboarding process. This setting is managed on the admin panel in the main Details tab within the Onboarding modes sub-tab.

Networking-Oriented Onboarding

The networking-oriented onboarding process will always push your attendees to set up their networking profiles when joining the event for the first time.



You also have the option at this point to make it mandatory that the attendees set up their networking profile or give them the option to opt- out of networking and set it up later on. The networking profile setup will still be made available to them for them to opt out of setting up.

Refer to these articles for more details on this onboarding process on the web app and the Brella mobile app.


Fast onboarding 

The second onboarding mode available is to let the attendees join the event fast by using only two steps. 

This gives the attendees quick access to the event where they will only see the welcome screen and will be asked to provide personal information (pre-populated for them) to join the event. After the following two steps, the attendees will be joining the event.

Step 1
Step 2


Networking profiles can be completed at any time later by going to the, 

People tab


by clicking on 'edit profile' on the event home page

Even if the networking profile has not been setup, attendees will still be able to see all other attendees who have joined the event on Brella and be able to bookmark those profiles. 'Your matches' tab in the people tab will get activated only after the networking profile has been set up after matchmaking selections.


Last updated - May 2024. 

Written by Nisansala Wijeratne. 


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