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Communications: Notifications Reminder

Learn how to send reminder emails to attendees that have pending meeting requests.

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We believe these emails are essential to increase participant pre-engagement and adoption. They are sent to remind attendees to check their profile in Brella and accept, decline, or reschedule pending meeting requestsThis improves the overall networking experience.  Scheduling these emails is optional, but we have found that these emails significantly improve meeting and adoption rates.

Schedule pending notifications reminder emails

We suggest this timeline to schedule these emails for your event:

When? Time Type of email
3 days before Morning 1st notifications reminder email
1 day before Afternoon 2nd notifications reminder email
On the 1st day of the event Morning 3rd notifications reminder email
1 day before the event Morning Event reminder email
  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel - Communications.
  2. Under Emails, you will find two types of reminder emails.
  3. Add your first email by clicking on +Add reminder. You can send any number of pending meeting reminder emails.
  4. When done with the scheduling, click Save.

Once you are done, these emails will be saved by Brella and delivered based on the event time zone. e.g. if the event time zone is Amsterdam GMT -5:00, the first email shown in the image above will be sent at 9:00 AM, New York Time.

Delete pending notifications reminder emails

To delete a pending notification reminder email, you need to click on the "X," and it will be removed immediately.

After making changes, remember to click Save.

Screenshot 2020-11-26 at 17.42.23

Sample event reminder email format

This type of email is automatic and cannot be customized at the moment.  

👉Note! Do not schedule pending notification reminder emails for immediate sending, have at least 5 minutes between scheduling and sending.

Last updated - July 2022. 

Written by Natasha Santiago. 


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