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Breakout Rooms: Disabling a breakout room

Learn how to temporarily hide breakout rooms by disabling the room or the entire breakout room tab

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It can be beneficial to set up the breakout rooms well before your event. If you wish to hide them until the event days from your attendees, you have the option of temporarily disabling the rooms or even the entire tab. You can enable the rooms at any time and the rooms will instantly be back on the event. 

Disable breakout room 

1. Navigate to the admin panel -  Breakout room tab

2. Toggle off the button on the specific room's card.

3. Disabled rooms are shown without any color on the admin panel listing. 

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Disable the breakout room tab 

1. Navigate to the admin panel - Breakout room tab

2. Click on Settings

3. Toggle off the tab from "Enable/Disable Breakout rooms"

4. The changes are saved instantly. You can re-enable the rooms at any time.

Disable breakoutroom tab

Last updated - July 2022. 

Written by Natasha Santiago. 


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