Best practices for meeting slots tags

If your event is having different types of meetings and sessions, then here are some best practices for you!



Set up customized tags for your meeting sessions to align with the content and audience. If you plan to offer various types of meeting slots, communicate this in advance to your participants and ensure clarity so they can efficiently plan their meetings. Remember, communication is the key to success!


For hybrid events

If you are hosting a hybrid event, you can differentiate meeting slots for all your participants, whether online or onsite.

  1. Add/have different timeframes for different meeting slots.
  2. Add a dedicated tag that will illustrate an Online, Onsite, and Onsite + Online meeting slot.

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For academic events: recruitment sessions 

If you are hosting a recruitment event and you want to differentiate meeting slots for participants, the best practice would be to:

  1. Add/have different timeframes for different meeting slots.
  2. Add a dedicated tag that will illustrate a Networking (15mins) or Interview (30mins) meeting slot.
  3. Add different durations per slot (mins/meeting). 


For emphasizing networking availability during content sessions

If you are planning to offer networking during the content sessions, the best practice would be to:

  1. Add a dedicated tag that will illustrate if it's a Meeting during a content session to emphasize onsite participants not to book a meeting during a session they are interested in.
  2. Add a different tag for the rest of the networking slots, like Networking. 


To emphasize sponsor representatives' networking availability

In the Schedule, you can also designate dedicated networking time for sponsor representatives during the event.

To give you an example, let's say that you'd like to have Sponsor booth representatives be available for meetings on certain days only. Your event is open from Feb 1-5, and you can only offer representative meetings on Feb 3-4.

You can create a tag with 'Network with the company's name' and add them to specific meeting slots to emphasize the sponsor representative's presence and availability.

networking with representatives

Participants can view their networking availability, including those time slots with Sponsors.


Last updated - November 2023

Written by Yusra Mohideen

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