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Attendees & Groups: Networking Sessions Limit per Group

Learn how the networking sessions limit works per group and how it can be set up.

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This feature will limit the number of outgoing meeting requests to the set number per attendee in a particular group. Attendees can accept any number of incoming requests.

"Meeting Requests remaining" explained

This function relates to meetings that you can request at the event. Other participants can send you multiple meeting requests according to your networking availability. In other words,

  • If you have a ticket with a limited number of meeting requests to send, you will see the remaining meeting requests on the header side of the Brella app. Reference the image below.
  • If you have a ticket that has an unlimited number of meeting requests to send, you will see no such indicator.
  • For instance, if you send 5/5 meetings and you receive 2 meeting requests from other participants, and you accept, then you’ll have 7 meetings.

The list of meeting requests you send will be enlisted when clicking on "Meeting Requests Remaining," while all of your meetings can be found on the Schedule tab regardless of their status. 

🔑 Note: If a meeting is canceled (either while it is pending or after it has been accepted), that request will be returned to the initiating user's meeting quota. So, if you have a 5 meetings limit and already had 3 meetings accepted, you have two free meetings to send. If one meeting gets canceled, your quota goes back to 3/5.

You can read more about what "Meeting Requests Remaining" means here.

Attendees & sponsors can cancel pending requests, cancel and reschedule accepted meetings or accept reschedule requests from meeting partners.


Last updated - July 2023. 

Written by Purnima Jayasuriya. 


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