Attendees & Groups: Attendees Skip Profile Setup

Learn what happens when attendees click "I'll do this later" instead of setting up their event profile.

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When joining an event in Brella, all participants will be asked if they'd like to Set up their profile, OR  do it later.

Functionality limitations

When participants click -I'll do this later- they will have access to the event's schedule, sponsor's virtual booths, speaker's biographies, and other content available.

However, they will have some functionality limitations:

  • Not being able to network with sponsors, speakers, or attendees.
  • Creating a complete profile for the event.
  • Having access to the list of attendees.

Tip: Motivate participants to set up their profile as soon as they register in Brella by sending them an email and explaining that creating a profile for the event will help them make meaningful connections at your event. For more insights, go here.


Last updated - July 2023

Written by Yusra Mohideen

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