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Brella Trigger: New Ticket Purchased

Learn how to create new ticket purchased trigger on Zapier

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What Brella Triggers do?

Brella Triggers are the β€œPolling Triggers” on Zapier. It serves as an alternative to Webhooks.

When using Brella triggers, Zapier will automatically β€œpoll” or query the relevant event every X minutes. The minutes will depend on which Zapier paid plan the customer has purchased.

For the Professional plan we recommend, Zapier polls our API every 2 mins. 

If β€œnew” data is found (eg: a new invite or so); it will trigger the rest of the Zap.

πŸ’ To put it simply, Brella Triggers in Zapier is a tool that is being activated whenever new information is being created on manager.brella.io. When linked to your 3rd party app, Zapier will poll newly created info based on your trigger's nature and transfer that to the 3rd party app. 


❗❗❗This article is deprecated. Going forward use the "Invite created" trigger or an invite created webhook to get the individual tickets created instead.

Zapier Video (how to)