What does 'waiting for an answer' mean?

Here you can find the answer to question: "What does 'waiting for an answer' mean?"

When you send a meeting request to an attendee in Brella, they have three options:

  • Accept your request
  • Reschedule your request for a better time
  • Decline your request

If you have sent the first meeting request, the chat will not be open until they have made a decision on your request.

It may take some time for them to get to your request, so please be patient. You will be notified of any decisions by email and push notifications, so don't worry.

If the event day is close and they still have not replied, you can cancel the meeting request to free up the time slot. The chat will remain closed.

Please note as well that if they decline your request, it may not mean that they don't want to meet you. There is an option to leave the chat open so you two can still talk.

Please remember to go through all meeting requests you receive and make a decision on them. Many pending meeting requests may negatively affect your matchmaking score in Brella.