Where is the location for the meetings?

In the Brella Networking Area. You can find a floor map in the 'More' section, or in the chat. Your table number can be found in the chat.

The organizer determines where the networking meetings happen, and depending on the size of the venue, the networking area may be large or small. As well, depending on the amount of tables available, you may not have a table.

However, typically the organizer sets up a dedicated area, or a meeting point where you can go to find your meeting partner. Then, you meet at your assigned table and chat.

If there is a map of the networking area in Brella, you can find it from your meeting chat, up at the top from "Show map".

Screenshot_20200211-125811If there is no meeting area map in Brella, there will only be options to reschedule or cancel the meeting.

Once your meeting is accepted, you can see the meeting details, like the table number, the time and the date. The table will be found in the networking area.


If there is no networking map, please check the 'more' section. Here's a short recording of where to find the map on mobile (Android).


If there is no map, don't worry, as the organizer will mark the networking area at the event. Watch for the signs! And if you have any issues, you can contact your event organizers.

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