Brella's step-by-step guidance for troubleshooting

5 basic troubleshooting steps that will help you solve most of your technical difficulties

If you come across a technical challenge with Brella, here are 6 universal troubleshooting steps for you to try out:
  1. Try to log out and log in again and refresh your browser.
  2. Try to clear cache:
    • Go to browser settings  > Privacy and Security
    • Clear browsing data > Basic or Advanced
    • Choose the cached data
    • Refresh your phone/browser and login once again
  3. Try with Chrome. Chrome is the most ideal browser to use Brella with!
  4. Use a different device: For example, use a personal computer or you can ask your colleague to test it on his/her computer.
  5. Try a different network: Does it work in a different Wi-Fi (Tip: Testing with a hotspot of your phone is an alternative)

Note: If you are having issues with your Brella virtual meetings, please go to this page.

Important! If after the aforementioned guidelines, your virtual meeting room (video call) or chats are not working it's very likely that it's because your company’s firewall (security software) is blocking these features in Brella. In this case, please use a personal computer.

If the above steps aren't helpful, please contact us at and describe your problem in as much detail as possible. Please include:

  • The event name you're attending/hosting
  • Description of your issue
  • The browser you use, OR the phone model and operating system
  • Include images, if possible.

This information will help us solve your issue as fast as possible.