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to Brella

Find your join code, then create a Brella account, an event profile, and join the event. Your join code & link is typically in a registration or invitation email.

Sign in to Brella

If this is your first event with Brella, welcome! Learn how to create an account here. You only need one Brella account for all events using Brella.  If you have used Brella at another event, you can use the same account for this event. Go to next.brella.io to sign in and follow the instructions in your invitation email.

If you don't have the email at hand or lost it, we show you how to do it.

πŸ‘‰ Note: You can access Brella on its web (next.brella.io) or mobile app (Apple Store or Google Play). If you are attending a virtual event, we recommend using the web app.

🀝 On the Brella web app

  1. Go next.brella.io on Chrome browser.
  2. Click 'Sign In' on the top right corner of our website or next.brella.io. You will be shown different methods to sign in. 
Brella sign in page

πŸ‘‰ If you sign in with Google or Facebook, your email, name, and photo will automatically be pulled into Brella. Then you will be asked to fill in the company you work at and your job title.

πŸ‘‰  If you sign in with LinkedIn, your photo, email, name, and surname will automatically be pulled into Brella. Then you will be asked to fill in the company you work at and your job title.

πŸ‘‰ If you sign in with Brella, then you will have to create the account from scratch.

Note: When creating your Brella account, it's mandatory to add your name, surname, email, job title, and company name to start networking.




After creating the account, you can create a profile and join the event. On the profile, you can add a personal pitch and choose your interests. We show you later how to proceed on join an event.

🀝 On the Brella mobile app

You can also attend an event on your mobile.

  • Download the Brella app from the App Store or Google Play and sign in using your Brella account or create one.
  • Add the join code and click Start networking, then you will be prompted to choose a method to sign in.
  • If you already have one account, remember to choose the same sign-in method you chose when creating the account for the first time. If you don't remember your password, go to https://next.brella.io/reset-password.


After signing up, you can join a Brella event

To join an event, again you need a Brella account, then create a profile, and then you can join the event. On your profile, you can add a personal pitch and choose your interests.

Joining a Brella event requires a join code. Each event has a specific join code. Typically, the event organizer will share the join code & join link in an email, so please check your inbox. We show you how to proceed with joining an event here.

Brella generally opens no more than 3 weeks before an event. If you haven't received an invitation link or join code by then, please contact your event organizer.

⚑ Note! For privacy reasons, we cannot share any join code with attendees directly. If you've lost your join code, please contact the event organizers.