How do virtual meetings work?

Learn how to take your Brella meetings.

Please remember to act on your meeting requests! Leaving meeting requests as pending is not recommended as it blocks time slots for other attendees and may lower your Brella matchmaking score.

You’ll be notified of all meeting status changes by email and push notifications.


If a meeting status is Pending, that means the meeting is not confirmed yet, either by you or the other party. There is also no meeting location set yet.

Please do not leave any meeting requests you receive as pending. By accepting or declining you allow others to either plan their agenda or book a new meeting. Leaving many pending meeting requests may lower your Brella matchmaking score.


If your meeting is accepted, great! You'll find the meeting time and location in the chat and from the event schedule. Please be on time for your meeting, and remember to leave on time to free the spot for the next meeting.

Most likely, you'll be assigned a table number. However, if all the tables are full, please set up your own meeting location with your partner.

Some events won't have dedicated meeting times or tables, but don't worry. Simply talk with your partner to choose a time and place to meet yourselves.

You will receive a push notification reminder of your meeting 5 minutes before.


Don't worry if your meeting is rescheduled - that means your match still wants to meet you, but at a different time. The chat is open so you two can discuss a better meeting time, and you can reschedule as many times as needed.

Please note: If you reschedule right after sending a meeting request, the chat will not be open, as your match still needs to accept or decline the request.


If your meeting request is denied, then your meeting will not happen. This can happen for many reasons; the most common one is that your match simply was too busy to meet you. Be sure to check if the chat is open, as they may still want to chat.

Sometimes, unfortunately, meeting requests aren't relevant and they are declined. But think of it as a new opportunity to meet the right person.

If you are the one who is declining the meeting, you will have to choose either to "Keep the chat open" or "Close the chat". We'd recommend to keep the chat open as you may still be interested in contacting that person afterwards. 


If a meeting was cancelled, this means that:

  • you have cancelled the meeting request, or
  • you/your match cancelled the meeting after accepting it

In the latter case, the chat will still be open. When cancelling a meeting, you can send a message. Please let the other person know your reason for cancelling as that's the polite thing to do.

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