Create your own Schedule with Bookmarks

You can create your own schedule on Brella by bookmarking content sessions from "Event" tab.

While deciding which sessions you would like to attend at the event and what time you would rather spend on networking sessions, the solution for you would be to build your own schedule on Brella by using bookmarks.

If you want to have specific content sessions like Keynote, Panel Discussions, Fireside chats, etc. to be in one place bookmark those:

Screenshot_20200305-121248_Brella          Screenshot_20200305-121255_Brella

After you will bookmark the sessions you want to attend as well as arrange your meetings, both bookmarked sessions and booked meetings will appear in "My Schedule" on Mobile App and "Bookmarks" on Web App

Screenshot_20200305-121318_Brella   Screenshot 2020-03-05 at 12.25.46

Tip: You can also bookmark and save sessions to your own schedule from the Speakers tab by clicking on your favourite speakers and seeing at what time and what sessions they will be presenting. 


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