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Brella meeting best practices

What to do if you're late, if your meeting partner doesn't show, inviting others to meetings and more.

It's simple to organize a meeting with someone else attending the same event, but you also have a lot of flexibility in how you choose to approach the meetings. As well, you can always reschedule meetings for a better time if you find that you can't make a meeting.

Inviting others to your meeting

There is no functionality yet in Brella to schedule group meetings, but you are free to invite others to your 1:1 meetings.

Since our networking times are generally quite short (15 minutes), it encourages two people to be efficient and plan ahead. Having more than two people at a meeting can reduce the quality, as not everyone may get a chance to say what they need to.

If you would like to meet with more than one person at a time, feel free to use our chat in Brella to arrange your own group meeting at the event!

Running late or can't make meeting

Please send your meeting partner a message through the Brella chat to let them know you will be late, then reschedule or cancel your meeting. This frees up the time slot for them to book new meetings.

  • Find your meeting from your chat
  • Select Reschedule or Cancel meeting from the top
  • Choose a new time, or leave a message saying why you had to cancel.

Partner didn't show up

If your partner is running late, or they didn't make the meeting, you can reschedule the meeting for later.

We recommend that you also send a message to them through the meeting chat to reschedule or connect at a later time.

  • Find your meeting from your chat
  • Select Reschedule from the top
  • Choose a new time and send the request again

Meeting at a different location

You will often receive a table number for your meetings, but if you want to meet elsewhere (say at your booth or at the coffee area), simply send your meeting partner a message and agree on a place to meet.

You can also meet at your assigned table and move somewhere else together.

Someone isn't available for meetings

Commonly, it is because the person has either set themselves as unavailable for networking, or their meeting slots are full.

Your event organizer will choose the amount of meeting slots for the conferences themselves. This means no two events will have the same amount of meeting slots.

As the event date approaches, other attendees will naturally fill up their meeting slots with meetings, so make sure you send meeting requests early and often! 

Some attendees may also choose to block networking slots for any reason, meaning that you won't be able to meet with them during those times.

There can be many reasons why you don't see any available meeting slots when requesting a meeting from someone:

  • There are no more meeting slots available
  • The attendee has filled all their meeting slots with prior meetings
  • The attendee has set themselves as unavailable for networking

If you want to meet with someone who has no open meeting slots, the only course is to wait and hope they open up a meeting slot, either by cancelling or some other means.


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