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Account vs Profile

There are two places on Brella where you can input your information: 'Your Account' and 'Your Profile'.


Short take: You have one Brella accountEach event in Brella gives you a different profile on that same account.

Your account

Your account is where you add your personal info like email, your name, company's name, title, social media profiles, and company's info. This data will be displayed in every single event you are joining. You can think of it as your constant personal info.

You can always access your event account from the top right corner of Brella.

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From your account, you can update information like:

  • Your email and password
  • Company and job information
  • Notification, time & date preferences

Your profile

Your profile is unique to the event you're in. In your event profile you can create your introduction and choose the interests & goals for the given event.

So each profile will be different, but your profile uses your account to prefill the information, like your name, company, etc.

Brella Profilee


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