What is the difference between a join code & a unique join code?

You can invite the attendees to your Brella event by either sharing a join link for all attendees or with unique join codes for each attendee.

Unique join code

The unique join code is the same join code for all the attendees and is easily shareable between attendees. 
  • You can edit the join code in the 'Details' tab in the admin panel and it will always be displayed in the 'Overview' tab.
  • All the attendees will join with only one join code/link to the event.  
  • Your event can be accessed by anyone who receives the join link/code, the access is not monitored.
  • This is a faster way to invite attendees to the event.

    join code


Unique join code (invite-only)

With unique join codes functionality, you can generate unique join codes in Brella for each attendee and is the most secure way to give access to your event. 

  • Brella will generate the unique join codes for everyone attending the event by adding the join codes manually or with the CSV file option.
  • You will have to send the join codes through your email system. Brella doesn't send any emails out for the registration.
  • The event can be only accessed with a unique join code where you determine the number of "seats" for each attendee. 
  • Best way to control the registration traffic in Brella for your event. 
  • You can read more about unique join codes on how to create and use them.

    invite only join code