Sponsors & Booths' exports details and analytics

View and understand all insightful information about sponsors' engagement, booth traffic, and sponsor ad traffic in the admin panel.

This article shows you how to export and what sort of information you will get from the admin panel. To access the content below, you need to go to the admin panel and go to the Sponsors tab.

⭐  Tip! All the sponsor engagement data and statistics are live and can be monitored at all stages of your event. 

Export Representatives engagement

See how many Representatives a company had during the event in a Sponsor's profile at the "Sponsors tab" in the admin panel. Moreover, you get to see a few other kinds of information:

  • The number of inbound and outbound meetings they had with other participants pre-and during the event.
  • Engagement actions per Representative. The engagement metrics include the number of meetings, messages, and  
  • You can export this information by going to the admin panel > Sponsors > click on the sponsor profile chosen > Representative tab > on the right side click on Export (csv).
representatives export

⭐ Tip: As an Event Organizer, you can share these insights with your Sponsors. They'd be interested in knowing how their reps engaged. Having at least 13 meeting requests means that the reps did an excellent job! 

Export 1:1 meetings between sponsors and participants

View and analyze the number of Representative-Participants meetings was facilitated during the event. 

  • On the 1:1 meetings sub-tab, you'll see a clear table with all the inbounds and outbounds meeting requests that the representatives managed to do in Brella. You can export this list as csv. file.
  • You can export this information by going to the admin panel > Sponsors > click on the sponsor profile chosen > 1:1 Meetings > on the right side click on Export (csv).

1:1 mettings exportable

Export Sponsor booth's traffic analytics

View the interactions and visitor's traffic in a report on sponsor performance at once. You can find this information in the admin panel; click "Sponsors," then select "Traffic Analytics."

  • Sponsor traffic analytics is a powerful tool to help your sponsors understand their virtual booth's traffic and the most popular content. You'll see this only if you had embedded items in the carousel section of the booth.
  • You'll see a table where you can see a list of the participants who visited the sponsor's booth, as well as the content they interacted with.

❗Note: If you didn't have any content in the virtual booth's carousel section, you'd not see any Traffic Analytics data.

  • You can export the traffic data file per company and all sponsor data at once.
    • To download specific booth traffic, select an attendee and click on the '+' icon to see a detailed list of all their interactions.

traffic analytics exportable

*All counts are live, meaning you can monitor the activity instantly.

    • You can also export all the Sponsors' traffic data at once by going to the admin panel > Streams Settings > click on Export zip.

sponsor data export location

πŸ” Tip! For more information in detail about how you can analyze the traffic analytics results. Go to this page.

Sponsor Ad Statistics

You can see Sponsors Ads live traffic by going to the admin panel > go to the Sponsors tab > Sponsor Ads > Statistics in the admin panel.

In this section, you can see the display count and click count for your sponsor ads. Read more about how to monitor your sponsor ads and how to read the data results.

At the moment, sponsor ads statistics cannot be exported.


Last updated on February 2021. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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