Invite-only: Add invites (unique join codes) quickly while being on-site

You have 3 main options: create new invites manually, create one big invite, or set your join code as a 'Public' join code.

Sometimes when being at the venue, attendees may be buying tickets at the door, or there may be another situation where you need to give your attendees the invite-only join code quickly.

Below are some tips for these scenarios.

  1. The first option is to create a new invite manually. This will ensure that your invite is only accessed by the people you give out the invite-only join code to. It doesn't take that much time in the end and can be done from the Admin Panel ( on your mobile device if needed. We recommend doing this whenever possible.
  2. Another option is to create one big invite for 10 seats and then give new attendees seats from this invite (i.e., giving out the join code for this invite). This is a faster method but may be problematic. Since the invite will be so large, if you remove an attendee from this invite, they will join again until there are no seats available.
  3. The third option is to set your join code as 'Public' join code (you can do that in the Details tab, read more here). Then new attendees will be able to join the event (invites sent previously will still work). This option can be useful, but you won't be able to control who enters your event.


Last updated on February 2021. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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