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What is the People tab?

The People tab in the admin panel allows you to add/remove admins (event managers), attendees, speakers, and invites (unique join codes) and view information about them.

Brella's people tab includes data of all people, who relate to your event i.e. attendees, sponsors, speakers, and admins.


Here you will see users' (attendees) name, their company's name, title, email used to log in, how many meetings they have, and when they have joined the event.

Invites (Unique Join Codes)

Invites is the place where you can generate unique join codes for your attendees. This way you will have more control over who can join your event.

Event Managers (Admins)

Admins have full access to your event platform and can make any changes. However, they cannot create any new events unless given "Admin" rights. Any Brella user can be added as an admin on 'Event Managers' tab. 


This tab will allow you to add, edit, and remove your event speakers to your event on Brella. 

Note: You can also export data about the attendees and their meetings i.e. 'who-met-who' for your own special usage and/or for your sponsors and attendees. You simply need to click on 'Attendees export' or 'Meetings export' to obtain this data.