Enable live chat for Sponsors

Increase attendee engagement by enabling a live chat for sponsors. Select a sponsor, 'Edit Details' and enable chat for this specific sponsor.

Live chat gives an opportunity for attendees to send messages and connect with other people through the virtual booth. They can ask questions regarding products presented, features released, and share with their own ideas. 

How to enable:

  1. Go to Admin Panel (manager.brella.io)
  2. Navigate to Sponsors tab and select the sponsor 
  3. Select Edit Details in the top right
  4. Select Enable chat
  5. Your sponsor now has live chat at their virtual booth


Now attendees can engage and chat with sponsors and their reps, as well as easily find them and book meetings.

Note: Live chat can be enabled per sponsor. This might give you a chance to prioritise some of your sponsors by providing more features to them. 

How do I manage chats?
Chats will be managed by all admins or event managers in Brella. They will be able to do it from the own Brella accounts. No need to go the admin panel! 

Tip: Assign a team to supervise the chats are good, positive and appropriate!