What are invite-only and a unique join code/link?

Unique join codes/links -feature is a more secure joining process whereby you can generate unique join codes and links for your attendees. This way you will have more control over who can join your event.

You can let your attendees join your event in Brella in 2 ways:

  • either through a single public join code shared with your attendees 
  • or through a unique join code/link generated for each attendee the email of which you import in the Admin Panel.

By adding using the unique join code/link feature, you will be able to:

  • generate a unique join code for each individual or group
  • to choose the number of times a certain unique join code can be used (by selecting the number of seats). 
  • enter the details of your attendee
  • track if a certain unique join code has been used or not
  • delete certain invites.

Note: Importing attendees' emails into the Admin Panel does not mean that you will register them on Brella - that will generate their own unique join codes/links, which in the end attendees will need to use for registering on Brella themselves. 

In a nutshell the theory of how unique join codes/links: Once you have your registrants' (attendees') information such as email address, first name, and last name, you...

1. Create invites in Brella’s Admin Panel and generate the unique join code/link for each attendee or group

2. Export the list from Brella’s Admin Panel and upload that list in your email marketing tool and send the links to each attendee or group

And how you do it:

In order to set unique join codes, check the box that says 'Invite only' in the Details tab.


Then you must type a URL identifier for your event. This URL will be shown in the Brella web app (next.brella.io/exampleevent). This identifier cannot be used to enter the event, your event just needs to have an identifier. Don’t forget to press “Save” at the bottom of the page once you're done. Now your invite-only process is enabled.

The next step is to import the attendee details. You can do it in two ways:

Once the unique join codes/links have been generated, please export the .csv from Brella and import it in your email marketing tool to distribute the links and/or codes.

Note: Brella does not send the unique join links and codes to your attendees. Export the file to your email marketing tool to distribute them accordingly.

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