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Understanding your Sponsor's Brella traffic analytics

In this article, we explain all the definitions you will find in the analytics page of the virtual booths on the admin panel.

🌟 Tip! You can export the sponsor's traffic data from the admin panel, which will help you combine and understand your traffic data in detail. It will be great if you can share this with your Analyst too.


Sponsor Traffic Analytics

When you land on the 'Traffic Analytics' page of a sponsor's profile in the Sponsor Tab, you'll see this table:

Screenshot 2020-10-02 at 15-34-12-png

You will find a list of all the attendees who visited and interacted with this specific booth. At first glance, you'll see the Name, Job Title, company, View Count, and Total Time.

These metrics tell you how popular a Sponsor's virtual booth was 

View count is the total number of times this person clicks on an item (image or video/stream/pdf, etc.) located in the virtual booth's carousel section.

Total time is the full time this person spent in this virtual booth.

πŸ‘‰Note! the View Count and Total Time are not correlated. Since the View count is the number of times, a person clicks on the page of the item, including if you kept the session page open in the background, the total time only includes the number of times and the time you spent watching the page of the item. 

πŸ” Important! These metrics track the clicks and views from Brella, not the link you input on this page. E.g., if you add the same link to a sponsor’s virtual booth/stream tab/session URL, you’ll get stats for each tab based on the page, not the link.

Learn what link was being tracked in the virtual booths

  • When you expand the details by clicking on the sign '+' on the photo icon's left side, the attendee, you'll get more details per link.

  • There you'll see new subjects for each item. At first glance, you see the Type, Title, Url, Interaction Count, and Total Time.

Type is the type of link you added to the booth.

Title is the name you gave to this link when adding it to the booth in the carousel.

Url is the link you added.

Interaction Count is the number of times this attendee clicked on an item in the carousel.

Total Time is the total time he spent watching this session/page.

Learn how all participants engaged with the virtual booths

Here you'll see:

  • the times (frequency) they watched the virtual booth and
  • the duration of each session, they watched a specific item of the booth

Then click on the '+' icon, and you'll see all the *sessions this person did before and during the event.

At first glance, you'll see Start Time, End Time, and Duration.

Start Time is the time they started a new session after clicking on the specific page in the virtual booth and the time started running.

End Time is the time they closed the page (session) after clicking outside of the page and the time stopped running.

Duration is the total time between the start time and end time.

πŸ’‘ *Session: in this case counts as the number of times an attendee watched the session for longer than 1s. In this case for Kimmo watched it 15 times with a total time of 55minutes 20 seconds.

Carousel and Sidebar links tracked in the virtual booth.

Currently, all the traffic analytics of the virtual booth is only tracking the carousel links. The sidebar iframe is not being tracked.

  • An embedded video, pdf, stream, presentation, a web page's traffic will be tracked in the booth. The 'Interaction Count' will summarize the total number of times someone clicks it on this item's page. While the 'Total Time' will only include the total time this person spent watching this item's page.

Screenshot 2020-10-02 at 16.58.13

πŸ‘‰Note! If you see on the 'End Time' column that it says 'Invalid Date,' it means that this person is currently watching this item.

Screenshot 2020-10-02 at 16.51.35

  • An embedded image will be tracked in the booth. The 'Interaction Count' will summarize the total number of times a participant clicks it on this item's page. While the 'Total Time' will not be tracked. E.g., on the image above, the category 'Type' > image > Brella Mockup has only interaction count tracked.

πŸ” Important! If you see 'undefined' in the Name list, this means an attendee has been removed from the event in the admin panel, or s/he has deleted her account.

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Last updated on February 2021. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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