How to find the embed link of a livestream or video from YouTube

First choose "Share" from underneath the YouTube video, click on "Embed" and then copy the link shown between the quotation marks within the embed script. Paste this embed link to Brella's Admin Panel.

YouTube Video Embed Link

In order to show a livestream or video within Brella, the stream's or video's embed link needs to be added to Brella's Admin Panel. We will use YouTube as an example in this article and the same instructions apply whether using YouTube Live or an uploaded YouTube video.

Note: In order for your video to play optimally within Brella, it is important to add the livestream or video's embed link to the Admin Panel. Do not use a direct share link, such as the link shown in your browser's address bar.


Where to find the embed link from:

  1. Go to your video or livestream in YouTube and click on "Share" from underneath the YouTube video.
  2. Click on the "Embed" option.
  3. Copy the link from within the embed script, shown between the " " quotation marks.


Now that you have copied the embed link from your YouTube video, it's time to learn how to add this link to Brella.