Create different Sponsorship categories

In order to highlight and categorize your Sponsors, you can create different Sponsorship categories in the admin panel to differentiate them on your event.

When you start adding your sponsor's in the admin panel you will be prompted to create the first sponsorship category, but if you want to add different categories for different types of sponsors, see below how you can add new categories. 

To create a new category

1. Go to 'Sponsors' in the admin panel.

2. Click the 'New category' in the Categories- section on the right-hand side of the admin panel. 

3. In the popped-up window, name the category and select the size of. The size is what your attendees will see in Brella. Note that Medium and Large sizes will show the sponsor’s representatives at your event. See here how the different category sizes look to your attendees. 

4. When you’re finished, click β€˜Save’ and exit.

5. Repeat as necessary until you have all the Sponsorship levels (categories) you need.