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Attendees: Removing participants

You can remove participants from your Brella event in the People tab by finding the attendee name and pressing 'Delete'.

You can remove users from your event in the 'People' tab. 

⚑️Note! Please consider the following before removing  attendees: 

  • If you are using a public join link, removed attendees can re-enter the event with the same code. To avoid this, use the unique join links. 
  • If your event is already over, the removed attendees will not be able to re-join the platform anymore. 

To remove a participant from your event:

1.  Go to the 'People' tab in the Admin panel.

2.  Select 'Attendees,' find the participant you wish to delete, and click 'Delete' on the far right. 

3. After you press 'Yes' to the pop-up confirmation, the attendee is removed instantly.