Edit the details of your event

When you have created an event, you can edit its details the same way as you created it on Admin Panel.


On the Detail tab, you can edit all the basic information about your event.


What details you can change of your event:

  • Event name
    This category will be the title of your event in Brella.
  • Join code 
    This category is very important as this will be the join code for all attendees. If you want to change the join code, please read how you can do it here.
  • Invite-only functionality
    By checking this box, your event has changed the registration method to unique join codes. This means attendees must use a unique join code. Learn more about unique join codes here.
  • Date
    This category will define the start day of your event. It'll be the first day that contains content or networking slots in the schedule of the event. If for any reason you need to change the date of your event, you can do so by moving the dates. If you already have content for the event, please go here.
  • Duration (days)
    An event in Brella can last up to 14 consecutive days. During these days you'll be able to share content and attendees will be able to network with enabled meeting slots.
  • Time zone
     This category is very important for attendees as the event schedule, meetings, announcements will be based on this time zone.
  • You will be required to select the City, Country, Region, and Industry of your event as well.

After making any changes to your event, click "Save" to keep the changes.

Important information before changing the details of your event

  • To change the JOIN CODE
    • If you decide to change the join code before attendees join your event, all is good, go ahead! - just be sure to share the new join code with your colleagues and all the participants who have joined the event already.

⚠️ WARNING! If you have already shared the join code with your attendees, then
DO NOT CHANGE THE JOIN CODE. Current attendees will not be able to join the event.

  • To change the START DATE without accepted or pending meetings
    • If you decide to change the start date of your event and you have already added a schedule and meeting time slots without meetings accepted or pending. Then you'll be able to change this date to the new one.
    • As an example, let's say you want to change the first date of your event from the 20.5.2022 to 23.5.2022, then you just change the new date on the 'Date' category and click 'Save'. You'll be shown this pop-up box like the one below.
    • Here you'll have the option to select the event days that currently have content and/or meeting slots. All the existing content on date 20.05.2022 will be moved to 23.5.2022. Once you've done the right changes, click 'Confirm changes'. 

      Screenshot 2020-10-07 at 21.16.32
  • To change the START DATE or TIME ZONE with accepted and pending meetings
    • If you decide to change the start date or time zone of your event and you see on the 'Overview tab' that there are accepted and pending meetings, these meetings will be deleted.
    • If you want to change the timezone you'll not be able to change it yourself. Brella will block you from changing the time zone because by doing so all accepted and pending meetings will be deleted. If you want to proceed with this change, contact us at support@brella.io. We'll help you further.
    • If you are planning to change the time zone, you'll need to share with all participants the following:
      • That all accepted and pending meetings will be removed by a change in the schedule. To get this list of the attendees with accepted and pending meetings, you can export the 'Meetings' csv file from the People's tab.
      • Let them know that all the notifications (push-notifications) and reminder emails scheduled will be on the sent out with the previous time zone.
      • Let them know that the event will happen with the time zone selected first.

    πŸ”  Note! When changing the start date of your event, the accepted or pending meetings will be deleted. Only participants with accepted meetings will receive a message on their chat.