Widget: How can I customize it?

The widget’s styling is customizable through CSS.

You can customize the way widget looks on your webpage using CSS:

To remove the white space in the agenda widget, from the content session to the filters:
#brella-widget {
  max-width: 820px;
  margin: 0 auto;
#brella-widget .schedule-slot-name {
   font-size: large;
To make the filters 'sticky' so when attendees will scroll the agenda, add this:
<script type="text/props">
  "stickyFilter" : "true"

if you want the sticky filter, you need to add this

"stickyFilter" : "true"
to the widget code (comma separated).

NOTE: If you have some sticky elements themselves, the filter might get stuck underneath them and become unusable. Please check the edits you make to make sure they work!