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Quick guidebook for your first event on Brella

Start creating incredible events with Brella. Let's get started with the admin panel.

This article will tell you more about how to use the Admin Panel (manager.brella.io) to create, update, and track your events in Brella. Here is an overview of what you can add to Brella.

  1. First, log in to the Admin panel through manager.brella.io. Your credentials to the Admin panel are the same that you used to join your event. Once you open your event, find the Your next steps navigation on the Overview tab to keep track of your activities and to-dos. Once you've completed an item on the list, feel free to select it. On the right-hand side, you can also find a tutorial video for further support.
  2. Start adding information to your event through the Details tab. Here you'll add your event info, choose a join code for your attendees to join your event, choose the type of your event, and add a descriptive photo and event logo for your event.
  3. Next, add your matchmaking categories. Matchmaking allows your attendees to find relevant people at your event and schedule meetings with each other. Plus, this helps you learn more about your attendee base and plan better events in the future. To learn more about matchmaking, visit this page.
  4. After you've added your matchmaking categories, add your speakers and your schedule. Once you've completed your schedule in Brella, you can also add it to your website through widget API.
  5. Then, add your sponsors, create their virtual booths, if needed, and promote them within Brella.
  6. If your event is a virtual one, add your content to the stream tab or to the sessions in the schedule tab.

After this, feel free to...

⭐Enjoy your journey with Brella! If you have any questions while building your event, contact us.