Understanding your post-event data

You can see attendee engagement, attendee meeting information, the top chosen matchmaking categories, and Sponsor Ads' statistics.

After your event is finished, you can find great learnings about your attendees and event in Brella.

Attendee Information

  • All information about attendees is on the People tab on the admin panel.
  • Simply click on 'Attendees export', if you want to see Name, Job Title, Company, Number of meetings. It will be in excel format.
  • If you want to see the number of meetings and 'who met who'. You can click on 'Meetings export'. It will be in excel format.

You can read more about attendee information on People tab.

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Attendee Engagement

You can see all attendee engagement in the Overview tab of our admin panel. Find all the definitions here.

  • Having a higher number of users with meetings, says that there was a great communications plan from your side which encouraged attendees to join Brella and make meaningful connections.
  • Pre-engagement rate should be higher than during event rate. Why? Because that means your attendees could plan their meetings prior the event and did not struggle last minute.

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Top-chosen matchmaking categories

You can see all the statistics about top-chosen matchmaking categories, interests and intents in Matchmaking Tab > Statistics in the admin panel.

  • You can also export this data by clicking on 'Export data' on the right side of the Matchmaking page.
  • We encourage you to use this data to improve your event content and you can reuse this matchmaking list for your next event.
  • To read more how to set matchmaking up in your event, please click here.

Sponsors meetings & Sponsor Ads Statistics

You can see the number of sponsor-attendee meetings in the Sponsors Tab on the admin panel.

In the Sponsor tab, you will be able to see a clear table with all the inbounds and outbounds meeting requests the representatives of your sponsors managed to do in Brella.

You can see all the statistics about Sponsors Ads in Sponsors Tab > Sponsor Ads > Statistics in the admin panel.

In this section, you can see the display count and click count for your sponsor ads. Read more about monitoring your sponsor ads.


Attendee data to CRM

Export attendee data to your preferred CRM platform by going to the admin panel, click on Integrations. Here you will get the attendee export file and the meetings export file together.


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