What are Custom pages and how do I add them?

Custom pages allow you to provide your attendees with whatever information you want in Brella.

Let your attendees know about the event information, restaurant menu, wi-fi credentials, polling software in use, share the content sessions' presentation materials, and much more with the Custom pages feature. 

Any pages you add will be seen in the More tab of the Brella app. Below is an example of what you can do with the Custom pages. 

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 9.14.41 AM

2 types of Custom Pages

You have 2 main types of the custom pages to add - a direct website link or a text field.

By clicking on the website link, a user will see the website in the new tab (if using the web version), or a browser window inside the Brella app.

By clicking on the text field, a user will see the text in a pop up window. Because these Custom pages are customizable and easy to use, your possibilities are nearly limitless and using these pages is a very smooth experience. 

For example, you can add your event information with social media links and venue address to a custom page!

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 9.14.56 AM

If you want to add a poll, for example, you can add a direct website link from the polling software you use. Each attendee can then access the link from the More tab and interact with the poll. Also, once the user is logged in, their credentials will be saved, meaning they can access the poll later with ease.

There are endless options on how you can use custom pages. Ticketing software, accommodation options for the attendees, sponsor websites, promotional videos - your imagination is your only limit!

How to add

Below is the step by step instruction on how to add Custom pages to your event. 

1st Step: Create your first custom page by going to the Custom pages tab and clicking "Create first page".

2nd Step: Create a title and choose your page type. 'Editor' shows the basic text editor (below).

NEWcustompage editor

Add a small description, website and social media links, venue location link to Google Maps, etc. - anything you want your attendees to see in the info tab of your event in Brella.

In this field you can also do some basic formatting.

You are also able to add direct website links by choosing 'Website' (below).


3rd Step: Select 'Save and create new custom page' and your page is live.

If you want to know more about what you can do with the custom pages, read more in the article below.