How to manage live chats

In Brella you can enable live chats in streams, sponsor virtual booths and webinars in the schedule.

Chats can be managed by all admins or event managers in Brella. They will be able to do it from their own Brella accounts. No need to go the admin panel!

For your sponsors with virtual booths and live chats, grant one person the admin rights to be able to manage the chat in their virtual booth. Explain to them they can manage the chats from their Brella account.

When can I enable live chats?
You can enable a live chat 1 week before the event or the same day of the event, that is up to you. You can enable live chats for streams, webinars and virtual booths.

How to delete an inappropriate message?
If you'd like to delete an inappropriate message, click on it, and  then click 'Delete message'.

*Only admins will see this option.*

Screenshot 2020-05-05 at 14.04.54

Tip: Assign a control team to supervise the chats are good, positive and appropriate!

How can I filter the messages in the chat?

You can't filter them but you will be able to see always the first latest 100 messages created in the chat.