How does rescheduling and declining meetings work?

Here you can find the answer to question: "How does rescheduling and declining meetings work?"

If you receive a meeting request that is either not relevant or at a bad time, you can decline it or reschedule it. Please always accept, reschedule or decline meeting requests, as it gives the other party a chance to adjust their schedule or send new meeting requests.

Leaving many meeting requests as pending may negatively affect your matchmaking score in Brella.


You can reschedule any meeting requests you receive. Simply click 'more options', then reschedule. Select a new time and your meeting partner will receive a notification that you wish to reschedule.

The chat also opens, so you can discuss changes. You can also reschedule as many times as you need, so don't worry if the first option doesn't work.


If you want to decline a meeting request, that's okay too. Simply click 'Decline' and you'll have two options:

  • Close the chat
  • Leave the chat open

You can leave the chat open if you want to engage in a discussion, but are simply too busy to meet at the event itself.

Not all meeting requests are relevant, and that's okay. You can decline the meeting without opening the chat, and your partner will be politely informed of your decision. This will open the time slot again so both of you can book other meetings in the time slot.

Remember that you can close meeting slots if you do not want to network during specific times. Learn how to do that here.