How can I send push notifications to my attendees?

Here you can find the answer to question: "How can I send push notifications to my attendees?"

You can send push notifications to all attendees in Brella to let them know of schedule changes, sponsored announcements or other important information.

First, sign into the event manager and click the "Announcements" tab on the sidebar.

Then, click "Create first announcement" to start your first push notification.

Please note that the notification is sent as soon as you click "Save & send", so please double-check it before you send it.

All announcements can be found under the "Info" tab so they can be viewed at any time, even by attendees who joined after you sent the announcement.

Tips for effective push notifications:

  • Keep them timely. Since notifications are sent instantly, be sure to send them at the proper time.
  • Keep them relevant. Push notifications should be used for vital information that all attendees should know.
  • Keep them short. It's easier to get the message at a busy event when the announcement is concise and brief.