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I don’t know how to sign in to Brella. Where can I do that?

You can click 'Sign In' on the top right corner of our website, or go to next.brella.io to sign in or register.

As an event attendee, the event organizer will send you an invitation email to sign up to Brella once the platform launches. The link will take you directly to a landing page to register.

You can click 'Sign In' on our website top-right corner , or go to
next.brella.io to sign in or register. You can read more about instructions on how to sign-in to Brella here.

πŸ‘‰Note: Generally, Brella events open no more than 2-3 weeks before an event (date decided by the organizing company). If you have not received your invitation email or join code within that time, please contact your event organizer.

Last updated in February 2021. 

Written by Wendy RendΓ³n



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