4. Networking At Brella

What is Matchmaking at Brella?

Brella Matchmaking is based on Artificial Intelligence recommendations. It allows attendees to select detailed interests and intents to make meaningful connections.

When accessing the Admin Panel, you will find the Matchmaking tab that will enable you to create a list of categories, interests, and intents that will help your audience network in a clever and efficient manner. Not only benefiting your audience but your associates.

Matchmaking is the core feature to facilitate pre-determined meetings at your event. You need to enable it to allow participants to send meeting requests based on intents.

This article walks you through the main aspects of this feature and how you can make the most of it for your events. Let's get started!  πŸš€ 


  1. Value: Matchmaking vs. Networking
  2. How does Matchmaking work?
  3. Defining Matchmaking Categories, Interests & Intents
  4. How to create matchmaking categories?
  5. Where is the matchmaking list displayed?
  6. Limitations
  7. Best Practices

1. Matchmaking vs. Networking

Networking is the second main reason people attend events. Enabling efficient networking possibilities is essential to facilitate high-quality conversations at your event. Before doing that, you need to understand Matchmaking and NetworkingNetworking'se and why Matchmaking is so important for your audience.

Networking is about casual encounters where you don't need to know whether someone has the same interests as you. 

Matchmaking gives criteria to participants to see and filter why you should meet with someone at your event.

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2. How does Matchmaking work?

The Matchmaking is based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) recommendations that help organizers facilitate meaningful connections for participanparticipants'als at an event. With our intents at Brella, you can help participants, including sponsors, find the right person to talk to through Intents  ➑️ Goals.

A participant will get to choose multiple matchmaking categories pre-selected by the organizer during the registration process.

Below we show you the "rules" matchmaking follows to match participants with the right match. During the registration process, a participant will choose interests within the categories and determine their goals based on the four intents Brella has. After selecting the intents, Brella will magically connect them accordingly.

Help Center - Self-service Customer Journey@2x (4)*See how Matchmaking looks on Brella. Click here.


3. Defining Matchmaking Categories, Interests & Intents

We know how Matchmaking works and what its components are, let's dive into what it means and how you can create them.

  1. Categories are the broad topics that your attendees will network about.
    Examples are Marketing, Financial Services, or Engineering.
  2. Interests are more detailed or specialized topics that are related to the category.
    For instance, Interests under the Marketing category could include Social Media Advertising, Content Marketing, Event/Experiential Marketing, Digital Marketing, etc.
  3. Intents define the goals your attendees want to achieve with each interest they select. You can choose from four intents: Networking, Trading, Recruiting, Investing, and Mentoring (new). Find some examples of how to use these at your event.

The more event-specific your matchmaking categories and intents are, the more efficient your audience's networking experience will be. The self-teaching mechanism will ensure the best networking experience based on your attendees' engagement, match, and other levels.

You can find more detailed information on these concepts here. Let's move on to how you can create Matchmaking categories.


4. How to create the matchmaking categories? 

After going through the informative aspect of Matchmaking, you can go full hands-on and start creating a categories list for your event. 

You can create the categories in 3 ways:


5. Where is the matchmaking list displayed?

It's in the event onboarding process. If attendees opt out of networking, they don't have to complete the matchmaking step. Watch the video to see how an attendee interacts with it.

🎯You can control the opt-out networking feature by enabling it on the Event Details.

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6. Limitations

  • The matchmaking feature cannot be unused or hidden. It is a mandatory feature to use at Brella.
  • Intents: Networking, Trading, Recruiting, Investing and Mentoring are not customizable.


Last updated on February 2022. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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