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Virtual booths: What can I embed into a Virtual Booth?

Embed and showcase sponsors’ demos, pictures, videos, PDF materials + enable live chat with attendees, etc.


Elements you can add to the virtual booth

To build a virtual booth, there are 2 ways of adding materials for partners and sponsors. You can add an embed URL or upload an image directly to Brella. For that, you need to go to the admin panel > Sponsors > Create a Sponsor profile > Edit Virtual Booth > click +New.

  • Slide type: Embed a website, etc. (URL)
    If you select this type, you can add all the materials mentioned above with an embed URL.

    πŸ‘‰If you have other material available (contact info, blog posts, etc.) with embeddable links, you can try to test if it'll work on the booth.

⚑ Note: Such links/hyperlinks must follow the below structure:

- https:// + website, i.e., https://www.brella.io
- No long links, i.e.,
If you would like to shorten links, you can use free tools such as Bitly.com
  • Slide type: Upload an image 
    If you select this type, you can add images that a) were stored and had an embeddable link, b) have an image address (link) that contains the following endings: PNG, JPG, GIF, WEBP.

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What embed URL do you need per material type?

When embedding links, ensure to have the right embed URL; below, we show you what links you need for embedding a:

  • Website: you only need the URL of this website.
  • Image: you need to upload this image to a file storage software such as Google Drive.
  • PDF: you need to upload this image/document to a file storage software such as Google Drive.
  • Slideshows: you need to upload this image to a file storage software such as Google Drive.
  • Survey: you need to get the embed link from the software’s settings or copy only the URL. Highly recommend following the third-party's help center instructions on how to embed an element on another platform.
  • Video: go to the file storage software of your choice (Youtube, Google Drive, etc) and follow these steps.
When adding these materials to the virtual booths, ask your colleagues to check whether they can see the event's materials. For example, if a website is not visible on the virtual booth, it might be that it is not embeddable. To read more on this topic, visit this article.

Video: A glance at the virtual booth components

A glance at the virtual booth, its components, and how a material type looks in the carousel and side panel section.


Last updated on August 2021. 

Written by Stephanie Campano Valenzuela. 


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