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Ticketing: Taxes

Brella supports tax collection through Stripe. Taxes can be added at the Stripe Tax Rates section.

Instructions to add a new tax to a product or ticket:

  1. Go to your Stripe dashboard,
  2. Then Products,
  3. and click on Tax rates.

  4. In the tax rates section, you can add new taxes. Stripe supports VAT, GST, Sales, and Custom tax types. You can make it inclusive or exclusive; add the percentage and description.

💡 NB! You can also add a region where the tax should be applied in there, but Brella currently doesn't support dynamic taxation, such as a region. So, you can ignore the region field for now.

5. After adding your tax, it will be applied to all attendees for all ticket types. The tax will only be visible on the Stripe checkout page and then in the receipt that the attendee receives from Stripe. Currently, tax rates aren't visible on the Brella ticketing page, although you could add a description to each ticket to identify the tax for each ticket. 

Last updated on April 2022. 

Written by Nick Salnikov. 

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