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What can you embed in a virtual booth on Brella?

Let your company's image outstand and showcase your products and services to all participants at the event.

Building a virtual booth on Brella is straightforward. This article explains to you, as a sponsor, an exhibitor, and a partner, what you can add to a virtual booth and what materials you need to deliver to your partners (event organizers).

Before explaining all the possibilities, it is relevant to mention that using certain features within Brella determines the type of sponsorship you have with the organization you are working with.

❗Mind every organization works differently, so if you have any questions about your virtual booth and sponsorships, please contact the event organizers.

Let's start by showing you where the materials embedded will be displayed in the virtual booth for your eyes and the rest of the event's participants.


The materials will be displayed...

On the carousel section and/or the sidebar integration section.

πŸ’» Web app

virtual booth on Brella

πŸ“² Mobile app 


What you can embed to a virtual booth on Brella

As a sponsor, exhibitor, or partner, you can decide what type of material you would like to embed on Brella. Thanks to the iFrame technology Brella uses, you can embed anything from a video to a survey page and a PDF file into your booth.

What is an iFrame? An iFrame is an element of a website HTML structure that allows embeddable content to be showed alongside other website content.

For instance, you can add your company's website or a promo video to the virtual booth by simply adding the website URL or the video's embed URL/link.

For the organizers to help you build the booth, they will need you to deliver the right link for each item: an embed URL/link.  It can be retrieved from the file storage software you use or deliver an image attached via email or form to the organizers. We explain step by step how to get the right link here.

The type of materials you can embed in the virtual booth

There are two sections in the virtual booth, the carousel section, wherein you can add any material with an embed URL/link AND uploadable images in the virtual booth. On the other hand, it's possible to add only webpages or other embeddable material on the sidebar panel section with an (embed) URL.

  • Images
    Upload images in the formats mentioned below via email or filling in a form provided by the organizers.
  • Websites
    Insert the embed URL of the materials mentioned below.

types of embeddables on Brella

Examples of what embed URLs you need to deliver to the organizers.

If you are embedding a:

  • Website, you only need the deliver the URL. A website will be embedded only if it is allowed by the owners.
  • Image, you only need to deliver the image file as a downloadable OR to save it in a file storage software such as Google Drive and retrieve the embed URL.
  • PDF, you only need to deliver the embed URL after saving the file in a file storage software such as Google Drive and retrieve the embed URL.
  • Slideshows, you only need to deliver the embed URL after saving the file in a file storage software such as Google Drive and retrieve the embed URL.
  • Survey, you need to get the embed URL/link from the software’s settings OR copy only the first URL from the embed code. Highly recommend following the third-party's help center instructions on how to embed an item on another platform. 

❗If a website is not visible on the virtual booth, it might be that it is not embeddable. To read more on this topic, visit this article. You can also use iframely to check if it's possible to extract the code's necessary embedded link.

Last updated on August 2021. 

Written by Nita Kumpu. 


If you didn’t find an answer to your questions, please contact the Support Team here.