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Sponsor Panel: Carousel Deck Setup

Learn how to add items into carousel deck on sponsor.brella.io that will trigger leads collection during event.

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Carousel Deck is a feature in virtual booth that will allow you to display all your brand materials to the event audience and enlighten them this way about your company's services, solutions, background, etc.

It's a great trigger feature that will also allow you to collect the leads that will be then available in the report form on sponsor.brella.io. 

How to set up (steps) 

  1. Go to sponsor.brella.io
  2. Navigate to Virtual Booth tab
  3. Scroll down to the Carousel deck placeholder and click on "+" icon 
  4. Select type
    1. Image (upload) - this allows you to upload your image to the carousel deck, recommended ratio 16:9
    2. Embed web page/...- this allows you to embed pages and materials from your websites, online forms, youtube channels, etc.
  5. Fill in information 
  6. Save all the entered materials
  7. You can drag and drop the order, if necessary 
  8. All done! You can check how your carousel deck looks on the top right corner on the same page! 
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Material types to embed

You can embed as many materials as you need as long as it is added in an embed link format. Here are the usual materials types that are used for carousel deck:

  •  Youtube videos (⚙️ How to)
  • PDF, Slides, brochure files that are stored on Google Drive 
  • Websites, tools that can be embedded (iframed) without any restrictions 
  • Forms, surveys that can be embedded (iframed) without any restrictions 
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Note: Please remember that when adding the content to carousel deck, all links should follow embed link format (not embed code). Otherwise, materials will not be displayed properly. You can check-out Sponsor Panel: Retrieving Embed URLs for more details.

Last updated in July 2023

Written by Yusra Mohideen

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